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List of services available at the Ottawa Wellness and Detox Clinic

Chi Massage
Electro Reflex Energizer
FAR Infrared Therapy
ION Cleanse Detoxification
Orgone Therapy
Pillow Massage
Scenar Therapy
Scenar Face Lift

Also available
Massage Therapy
Nutrition Counseling


Chinese Reflexology

Key clues to health woes are in your feet!

Feet can unravel the mystery of health problems. Often the nature of an illness can be identified by abnormalities in your feet. Certain areas of the feet correspond with other areas of the body. Reflexology treats diseases of the body by manipulating certain areas and in many cases can completely correct imbalances in the body, relieve pain and other symptoms.

We offer a Chinese Reflexology. Even if you have had reflexology previously, you will find that this is a far more powerful and unique experience. Our clients tell us that this is the best they've ever had the good fortune to experience.