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Chiro Active
Chiro Active was founded by a husband and wife chiropractor team. Chiropractor Dr. Brian Martyniuk and Chiropractor Dr. Trina Parry offer services in a relaxed and caring environment for patients to feel at ease.

We have the tools you need to make a fast recovery and continue to lead a healthy active lifestyle.
For more information on how you can benefit from our services.

Healthier Living 4 You
Healthier Living 4 You (HL4Y) was established by the Jacobs family in 2004 in the town of Wellesley for the purpose of distributing innovative products, for business and home use, beginning with the very successful Ionic Foot Bath. Since that time we have expanded to include Vibration Exercise Machine technology and a line of Water Alkalizers for home use.

Linda Lang
Emotional Alchemy & Energy Work. Want more clarity, more joy & more authenticity in your life? Are you looking for change? If you're ready to release baggage or if you're on your spiritual path and want to do inner work for deeper connection, contact Linda at , 613-838-1271.

Andrew Jones
Runes For Life.

I moved across from Manchester England to Ottawa Canada in the year 2000. I have always had an interest in science, Philosophy, geometry and puzzles involving patterns and symbols. In 2005 I went for a tarot card reading the reader mentioned she would like to amplify her ability and I immediately drew a symbol for her that I saw overlaid in the reflection of her TV and she asked if I knew that it was sacred geometry, I replied no. Soon after I went to a workshop about sacred geometry to learn more about the symbols I was seeing everywhere.

Runes For Life was borne.

There are a few runes that I have already made and more are being channelled.
Each rune has a specific use and purpose

Abundance: this rune is designed to attract abundance in all things

Projection: This rune is designed to amplify the connection to increase the effects of absent and distant healing.

Reversal: This rune is designed to create neutral space.

Shield: This rune is designed to maintain neutral space and block negative energy.

Block Remover: This rune is designed to remove psychic blocks in the body.

Focus & Recharge: This rune is designed to focus and recharge crystals (best placed in contact with mother earth)

Crystal Grid: Designed to create a healing grid between multiple people simultaneously using earth energy through crystals.

Custom Runes can be made as long as I am provided with enough information as to what effect you are actually looking for.

I can be contacted for orders or questions via email at