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The Ottawa Wellness and Detox Clinic

2146 Peter Robinson Rd.,
Ottawa, Ontario K0A 1L0
Tel. 613.256.4886


About us

The clinic is designed to be an alternative approach to better health, and is a Fragrance Free enviroment. We focus on eliminating toxins from the body thus assisting the body to return to a healthier state.

Your comfort and privacy are our primary concern. We ask that you schedule an appointment to facilitate the need for our clinicians to spend their time appropriately.

Meet the team

Valerie Thornburg,
Clinic Manager,
Holistic Alternative Practioner, Ionization Therapist,
Systemic Interactive Medicine (Scenar),
Cosmetology Certification,
Galvanic Treatments for face and body,
Matrix Energetics Certified Practioner™ 

Karen Jones

Karen began her spiritual journey in England in 1998 after a surgery that went wrong. After years of recovery, Karen moved to Canada and incorporated her passion to learn different healing modalities which has continued to grow over the past 10 years.


Karen offers Reconnective Healing®, which accesses new healing frequencies that allow for the healing of the body, mind and spirit.

These new frequencies have the ability to connect you to the true fulness of your being, attuning you to higher frequencies and opening brand new potential in every aspect of your life. The healing continues long after the session has ended. With your participation, Reconnective Healing® attunes you to higher frequencies and opens up brand new potential in every aspect of your life. Vastly different from Reiki, QiGong and Pranic Healing, etc., Reconnective Healing® is beyond any technique you've ever encountered!

The Metamorphic Technique® has evolved from reflexology. During the 1960's Dr Robert St John discovered the links between the reflex points on the feet and the reflex points on the spine. He found that working the spinal reflex area alone was just as effective as working the whole foot, and discovered that the negative patterns (i.e. deep-rooted fears, etc) that we have held since conception and throughout our life can all be transformed.

Sound Vibration Therapy® is another modality that Karen offers. This technique uses tuning forks which can assist you in re-aligning with your inner passion and power. When the tuning forks are tapped together they awaken your life-force energy and revitalize your cells. Tune for Life!

Aroma Touch Technique uses essential oils from DoTerra to relax, restore and rejuvenate.
This technique utilizes 8 layers of these essential oils that are gently applied to the back and feet. This works in four key areas:- Stress Management, Immune Support, Inflammatory Response and Balancing of the Autonomic Nervous System.